The Circle - First Nations Entrepreneur Hub is part of the Adelaide City Deal and is funded by the Australian Governments' National Indigenous Australians Agency, in partnership with the South Australian Government.

The Circle provides an Aboriginal-specific element to the broader innovation, incubation, startup and growth Hub at Lot Fourteen and will seek to complement and coordinate with the existing entrepreneurship and innovation service offering across South Australia.

Our Vision

First Nations businesses are connected to a culturally safe, professional and opportunity-driven service that fosters innovation, engagement, growth and business success.

Our Mission

To provide access to appropriate business networks; fit-for-purpose support, solutions and advice; and new opportunities for First Nations entrepreneurs and businesses in SA to build capacity, capability, confidence and to thrive.

Our Values

  • We operate in an inclusive environment that values culture, diversity and collaboration
  • We embed meaningful consultation and engagement in our planning, development and delivery
  • We actively communicate, keeping stakeholders informed and connected to our Members and opportunities
  • Our partners share our vision for First Nations businesses in SA and we work together to achieve outcomes
  • We act with integrity and stakeholders trust us to follow up and follow through
  • We are committed to building an encouraging, supportive and respectful environment for First Nations businesses to learn, develop, grow and succeed; and
  • Our team is knowledgeable, driven and well-connected to support the diverse First Nations business sector in SA

Strategic Goals

The Circle's strategic goals are:

  • A physical and a virtual/digital base for First Nations businesses across the State to access in order to build capacity, capability and for businesses to thrive;
  • Offer a single point of contact for First Nations businesses (current and prospective) to access business advice and connect with both mainstream and Aboriginal-specific support services;
  • Provide services complementary to the current ecosystem to support the sustainability of First Nations businesses;
  • An enabler to link South Australian First Nations businesses to other businesses and to new opportunities including those related to the Adelaide City Deal;
  • Assist corporates and employers to access appropriate services and advice to engage First Nations businesses in their supply chains or employ First Nations Peoples; and
  • Provide linkages to Industry, First Nations labour markets and other relevant networks to support innovation, entrepreneurship and employment.


The Circle - First Nations Entrepreneur Hub's Governance Framework consists of the following governance structures, each with their own Terms of Reference.  This Framework ensures there is First Nations representation on each governance group.

  • Senior Governance Partners – Department of the Premier and Cabinet and the National Indigenous Australians Agency
  • Project Control Group – State and Commonwealth Government representatives
  • Design and Delivery Team – First Nations Business sector owners and/or operators

These governance arrangements complement those of the broader Adelaide City Deal.